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It’s Your Health—Don’t Sugar Coat It! 10-Day Sugar-Free Challenge! (You Can Do It!)

Join us for a 10-day sugar-free challenge and kiss all added sugars goodbye.

Sugar and sweeteners are not good for your body. Not good for your cardiovascular health, metabolic health, your organs, your mood or your energy levels.

This challenge is simple. For 10 days, you can eat anything you want… as long as it doesn’t have any natural or artificial sweeteners.

You can still have naturally occurring sugars, like in fruits and dairy, but all added sweeteners are off limits. That includes natural sweeteners (like sugar, honey, and maple syrup) and artificial sweeteners (like Splenda, stevia, and monkfruit).

Once you start reading labels, you’ll see that sweeteners are in almost everything! And once you know, there’s no going back.

Yes, you may be a little grumpy at first, but soon you’ll find improvements in your energy, sleep, and skin. Many people also find that they are able to taste sweetness in foods they never noticed before, like apples and carrots.

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